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Rock Art / Petroglyphs / Archaeology
Canary Islands, Mediterranean Region and Northern Africa

Revista Canaria de Arqueología (ISSN: 1578-6293)
La Palma - Rock Art (Canary Islands)
by Maarten van Hoek
Rock art on La Palma (
Arte Sureńo - Rock Art in the southern Iberian Peninsula (spanisch page)
Laboratorio de Estudios Paleolíticos (Madrid)
CCSP - Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (Italy)
1700+ pages with images and descriptions of rock art from around the world
Bradshaw Foundation
CeSMAP - Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art Pinerolo (Italy)
Arte Preistorica
Portale sull'Arte Preistorica Internazionale (situated in Italy)
AARS - Association des Amis de l'Art Rupestre Saharien
Sahara News Papers (University of Girona)
Investigations in the area of Western Sahara (University of Girona)
Sahara - Prehistory and history of the Sahara
TARA - Trust for African Rock Art
CRIAA - Le Centre Régional Inter-Africain d'Archéologie (L'Université de Nouakchott)
RARI - Rock Art Research Institute (Department of Archaeology/University of the Witwatersrand/Johannesburg/South Africa)
Heinrich-Barth-Institute for African Archaeology and History (University of Köln / Germany)
more links:
Rock Art - Europe - Links
(by Footsteps of Man and Valcamonica Rock Art)
Rock Art - Africa - Links
(by Footsteps of Man and Valcamonica Rock Art)

Rock Art - Other important links

IFRAO - International Federation of Rock Art Organizations
RockArtNet - Rock Art Resources
TRACCE - On Line Rock Art Bulletin
EuRA - European Rock Art
Rock Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database
The Bancroft Library
ANISA - Rock art and Settlement in the Alps
Valcamonica Rock Art
Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art - Tanums Hällristningsmuseum
Rupestreweb en América Latina
Arte rupestre de América Latina
Arte Rupestre Contemporaneo - Daniel Verdejo
Austrian Rock Art Museum (Spital/Pyhrn)
more links:
Main Rock Art Links
(by Footsteps of Man and Valcamonica Rock Art)
Petroglyphs and Pictographs Links
(by Footsteps of Man and Valcamonica Rock Art)
Links to Rock Art Sites (by Bob Edberg)

Archaeology - Important Links

ArchNet (Virtual Library)
ARGE Archaeological Ressource Guide for Europe
Archäologisches Online-Informationssystem
Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte Freiburg
ARGOS - Suchmaschine für historische Inhalte (Vorgeschichte bis Mittelalter)
Anthropology Resources on the Internet
Links - Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
(University of Michigan)

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